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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Introduction

1. How does it work? How can we join in your system?
1-1. If you are interested, you can subscribe our NEWSLETTER! For the rest of the day you will get a lot of discounts that you think are worth having! Otherwise we will be very sorry to disturb you, then you will no longer receive any of our messages.
1-2. If you become our partner, we will send you a item list, you can choose your interested items from it. (Please note that only 2 items can be selected at a time)
1-3. Order the item via the link on amazon. By the way, we only promote Amazon-FBA items, All the products are shipped by Amazon and deserve full refund service. You will not have any to worry about! There is no difference with your usual shopping.
1-4.We will send you the Amazon gift card with an equal amount to your email within 48 hours.
1-5. After you receive our product, a good feedback or review would be appreciated.

2. Why do not you work with Amazon evaluation system?
We are committed to doing the discount commodity, the full discount is only offered to some high-quality customers like you.

3. Have you violated the Amazon rules?
No. We are committed to do discount products promotion. After you receive the items, you can leave a real objective review if you want, it is a legal way.

4. Can you mail the product to my house directly?
No, we are managing discount products, not free products.

5. Can you provide a coupon, credit card or gift card to me before I buy?
I am afraid not. Direct offer of coupons are officially banned by Amazon.

6.Can I order all the items in your list?
No, in order to allow more people have the opportunity to try our products, each person can only choose two items each time; if you like other items, You can choose them after completing the first transaction.

7. After we receive your product, do we must leave our reviews?
We only need real and objective reviews, if you don’t like the items, you can choose not to write reviews. By the way, if you can put your reviews on your blog or FB, we would be grateful!

Other Issues

1. If I don't like the items you shipped or I received damaged items, can I return it back? Would you pay for the return shipping?
Yes, if there are any problem about the items, you can contact the seller or AMAZON, I believe AMAZON would be willing to bear the returned freight .

2. What if the product does not meet the return conditions?
Please do not have the burden to contact us, we will try our best to contact the sellers to resolve the issue.
3. Could I invite my friends to join your system? What should I do?
Of course you can invite your friends who has a good credit to join us. You need provide your friends'amazon profile link to us.